These two are such an awesome couple. We had a shoot planned for their date at the carnival (10/10 would recommend going on a date for your session & just bringing me with) and after about 15 minutes of shooting it started POURING rain and we got completely soaked. But we didn’t let that ruin our shoot so we headed over to Target (because duh Target is the best) and roamed the aisles together laughing the entire time. The night ended with some delicious milkshakes and fries.

Here’s to rad couples that don’t let anything rain on their parade. Who don’t care if we are soaking wet and cold. It is what I am all about. True connection & a super fun time.

ALSO my hubby has started his own videography business, (you can take a look at his site here!) and filmed his first ever date night video. It’s so fun and he’s so talented, I can’t wait for us to work together on so many fun projects!



Brielle + Rob’s Date Night

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