What’s more special than your brother proposing to the love of his life in front of the Charles Bridge in Prague? Nothing.

When Lucas told us that he wanted to propose to Priscilla at the Charles Bridge in Prague, we immedaitely drove to Ann Arbor, picked out a GORGEOUS ring, and came up with a plan. A few months later we arrived to our destination and put our plan into action. I told Priscilla that I wanted to take their pictures around town and she happily agreed. For the next few hours as we wandered through the city to the bridge I’m pretty sure we all felt like we were going to puke we were so anxious. When we got to the bridge we started taking pictures and I eventually told them to pose back to back (this was Lucas’s cue to take out the ring) and when I had them turn around he got down on one knee! It’s safe to say that Priscilla was totally surprised and there were a lot of happy tears from all of us. And of course she said YES!!!

Make sure to watch the amazing video Cody made and try not to cry happy tears too.

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A Prague Proposal at the Charles Bridge

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