Shooting proposals might be my all-time favorite thing. Especially when it’s your cousin that you love with your whole heart! When Brandon told us he wanted to propose to Jordyn we could hardly contain our excitement and immediately came up with a plan. Brandon decided he wanted to propose at the apple orchard in the fall because those are two of Jordyn’s favorite things. We told Jordyn that we wanted to go on a double date and take some cute fall photos together, to which she quickly agreed. Once we were there Cody and I began capturing the two of them being the cutest ever and once we gave Brandon the code word, he got down on one knee and asked Jordyn to merry him! She was totally surprised! It was so much fun and so special to be able to capture someone so close to us getting engaged to the love of her life! Afterwards we ate yummy mexican food at our favorite restaurant and took her home to another surprise, her whole family waiting to celebrate with her!

Check it all out below and be sure to watch the video!


Surprise Proposal at Spicers Apple Orchard

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